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Our material enables individual Americans to help ensure that the US, not China, is the sole world superpower by acting upon and sharing our posts as widely as possible.

We provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of what will and will not ensure America's superpower status. A vast majority of what Washington executes and continues to propose, at best, will only retard U.S. decline and China's rise, but, in most cases, will accelerate it.  These high-visibility DC "band-aid" fixes cause the US to lose valuable time.

As Napoléon said, "I can make up anything but time."

Americans can and must stop Washington decision makers from continuing to execute superficial fixes.

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The Socrates Project is the validated means to ensure America’s superpower status for generations by reversing US economic and military decline.


Michael C. Sekora

I was the founder and director of Project Socrates, the IC program that determined the underlying cause of America's declining competitiveness and to develop the means to reverse the decline and ensure US strength for generations.